Bear, the wonderdog was recently adopted by farmboy. And he's the happiest dog in the world in his new life as farmdog.

So, how does one go about adopting a dog?

In the case of Bear, farmboy happened to stop by the vet's office (to pick up some medicine and syringes for sheep maintenance), and while paging through the "animals looking for a home" book, came across a listing for a 9 year old lab, whose family had moved from the country into a neighborhood. Farmboy called the phone number listed, and the next day, Bear was delivered to his new home. He proceeded to run away at noon and not re-appear until about 11 o'clock that night (Bear's name was Mr. Houdini in one of his previous lives).

Bear's previous owners claim that he was depressed because at their former home, he ran wild in the woods, and with their recent move to a suburban setting, Bear was not able to roam. They said that Bear was an "outside" dog and didn't like to be in the house, and preferred to eat and sleep outside. He came to farmboy very underweight. Looks to farmboy like Bear was a bit mistreated. McGruff the crime dog reports that Bear was chained outside in recent months, leading to his horrific loss of weight.

Granted, Bear loves the outdoors, and takes his share of dips in the pond; but make no mistake about it . . .

. . . Bear is the world's greatest house dog. He follows farmboy everywhere, and especially loves to rack out on the living room floor when farmboy comes into the house. Bedtime is another story, as the former Mr. Houdini moves furniture around to make himself a spot on the living room couch.

So, if you're ever in farmboy country, stop by and visit the world's coolest dog, living happily ever after as farmdog.


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