Fly, one of those too-smart-for-his-own-good Border Collies came to farmboy from the streets of Brooklyn, NY with cut up paws and a full set of ribs showing through his fur. 

      Farmboy was happy to have a working dog on the place, and Fly proved to be a wonder at herding sheep, even though his recent life had only shown him cars. 

      Unfortunately, Fly also was extremely zealous about herding children, and farmboy's niece and nephew did not take kindly to being nipped and chased when they came to play. 

      So farmboy turned to the internet. More specifically, the Border Collie Rescue page on the web, and posted Fly as available to a good home. 

      Farmboy's posting got a number of responses, but for quite a while, nothing seemed to work out (people were too far away, or found another dog at the last minute). Then one day, Farmboy got an email from Tom Butler from Baltimore. Tom drove up from altimore with his friend Victor, and Fly met his new parents. Fly is now living happily ever after in Baltimore. Click here for the latest report on Fly.  

      So, don't let anyone tell you that the Internet is useless. There's one very happy dog in Baltimore who thinks otherwise. And having witnessed his intelligence first hand, he might just be reading this. Hey Fly, how's things?.

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